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The Clock Tower Man

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In 1997, Matt Fitch opened The Clock Man clock and repair shop in the quaintly historic section of old town Fullerton. It was a tiny place, only 400 square feet, but through it Matt proceeded to build a huge reputation as the go-to guy for the repair and maintenance of every kind of clock imaginable. Today, officials along the west coast, from Southern California to Oregon, call Matt to fix historic street clocks in towns and universities; owners of shopping malls and public areas depend on him to maintain the sophisticated new timepieces in their showpiece clock towers.

Yet the calls Matt likes best come from regular folks whose antique clocks, from enormous grandfather clocks built in the 1700s to German cuckoo clocks to authentic Art Deco mantle clocks, have gone quiet or been quiet for decades. Matt has gotten used to their typical first response when he makes a house call to fix the clock: “But you’re so young!” He just laughs and goes to work restoring what he’s come to regard as the heartbeat of the home -- the steady tick-tock of a clock that’s kept time through generations. He’s often seen customers literally weep with joy at hearing once again the sound they knew so well as children in their grandparents’ house.

Today, The Clock Man originally started in Fullerton, California, but is now located to Bend, Oregon. Over 50 grandfather clocks line the entrance to the shops, mantel clocks cover every available tabletop, wall clocks hang from each wall, even the ceiling.  From antiques to new high-tech “animated” clocks, you will be delighted with what find inside The Clock Man.  Brands of clocks and watches include some of the most exclusive in the world like Comitti of London, as well as some of the most affordable.

Clock repair is a major part of the store’s business. With a larger shop and more dedicated customers, we now have a staff of five to serve the community, each member bringing their own specific expertise to the business.  All repairs are done on location which allows us to off the best prices and the most safety for your treasured timepiece.  With over 75 years of experience in our shop and the friendliest customer service around, why take your clock anywhere else?  So call us, email us, or stop on by and see what a difference The Clock Man experience truly is!


About Tower Clock Man

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